WPF Unleashed!

It's official... my WPF book now has a title, a temporary cover, and is listed on Amazon:

The details aren't published yet, but this book will have a feature that I think is quite cool... and I've never seen it done in any other book.  So stay tuned!

I was surprised to read that it will be available on September 19th and that it's 576 pages long!  Considering that I still need to write about 40% of it, I'm a bit skeptical about those details...

It's also listed as a "networking" book.  Hmmm...

Comments (4)

  1. That’s awesome news Adam, loved your Interop book (still trying to understand quite how it could go out of print – its not like legacy code has gone away or will any time soon). Hind brain steps in and clicks pre-order.

  2. orcmid says:

    Well, based on the price-history of your earlier book, I figured the $25 and change pre-order price for the new one is a steal (with free shipping too).  So I got in line.

    You will be relieved to know that Amazon is predicting shipping in February 2007. I wonder if I’ll know what it is I ordered when the package arrives around then.

  3. I just tested out ScrapBlog.com by creating my first ScrapBlog. I must say that it changed my opinion

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