Thoughts from the author of cards.dll

I got an email the other day that I thought I’d share (with permission from the author and with names removed).  This is in reference to my post last year: Hey – Don’t make fun of cards.dll! I wrote it! Back in the mid 80s (I think – it’s been a while) a bunch of…


WPF Unleashed: The perfect stocking stuffer!

This weekend I entered the final phase of tweaking and reviewing, so WPF Unleashed is on the verge of being printed!  The book is now scheduled to be available right before the new year (December 27, according to Amazon).  Although this isn’t quite in time for most of the upcoming holidays, perhaps you now know…


This one’s for John…

John said I need to update my blog.  Since he’s currently my manager, I guess I should listen to him.  Things are a *bit* busy with my day job, my night job, and my late night job, so I think I’ll consider this update complete.  Mission accomplished!


A new job… and we’re hiring!

I’m happy to report that I’ve recently joined a new team at Microsoft: John Montgomery’s “Non-Professional Tools” team.  We’re still in startup mode… it’s just the two of us right now, but more folks are joining soon and we’re looking to hire many more! Our team’s charter is basically to make programming fun, rewarding and…


WPF Unleashed!

It’s official… my WPF book now has a title, a temporary cover, and is listed on Amazon: The details aren’t published yet, but this book will have a feature that I think is quite cool… and I’ve never seen it done in any other book.  So stay tuned! I was surprised to read that it will be…


.NET and COM: Available once again in non-electronic form

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my .NET and COM book is now being printed on-demand and can be purchased only at the following location (and perhaps only for a limited time?): Enjoy!


Aero Glass inside a WPF Window

Recently Tim shared some code for extending Windows Vista Aero “Glass” inside a Windows Forms window.  It sounds like he’s eventually planning on showing this with WPF (among other things).  I also looked into this for my upcoming WPF book, and I couldn’t wait to share the results of my little WPF glass experiment!  Sorry, Tim,…


My encounter with another Adam Nathan

I felt a bit like Dave Gorman when I recently got an e-mail out of the blue from another Adam Nathan.  He said, “there’s lots of us out there (Adam Nathans) that is, but you are the one who shows up when I google my name, and I’m the other one who shows up when you…


This just in: .NET and COM is coming back in print!

A few months ago I mentioned that my .NET and COM book went out of print.  Well, after getting regular streams of e-mail from people who still wanted to get a copy (which I forwarded on to the publisher), I can now happily say that they are planning to print more! I believe it’s going…


WPF Book Update (and SD West 2006)

Long time no blog, but I’ve got a good excuse.  Since my last post, I’ve become a father!  This event, of course, made me seriously doubt (even more than usual) the wisdom of writing another book. Here’s a quote from my wife: “You wrote a book during our first year of marriage.  You’re writing a…