That mysterious "proprietary" blackout in the PDC keynote webcast…

...was a parody video with Napoleon Dynamite and Bill Gates.  It's too bad it couldn't be broadcast, because it was very funny!  But Joshua Trupin has a blurry photo of it on his blog.  Maybe there are more out there...

Other highlights from Bill's part of the keyone:

  • Find out more about developing gadgets for Windows Sidebar and Windows Sideshow

  • Games & parental controls

  • IE's phishing filter

  • Some Office "12" pizazz

In Jim's part, we saw:

  • Video of Crytek's upcoming game, contrasted with Reversi from Windows 1.0

  • Demo of SuperFetch & leveraging a USB memory stick to get more virtual memory (cool)!

  • An introduction of "WPF/E": a subset of WPF in which you use XAML but the language is javascript.  (The "E" stands for "Everywhere")

  • Demo of a rich Netflix app based on WPF (& the .NET Compact Framework for the small form factor)

  • A little about InfoCards and People Near Me

  • A lap around the platform with Don, Anders, Chris, and Scott, featuring a look at LINQ

  • Microsoft Codename Max

  • A rich Northface application using WPF

  • The Digital Locker

The keynote featured a new form of entertainment: watching the closed caption person struggle to figure out what everyone was saying!

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Comments (10)

  1. dglaubman says:

    My favorite so far is "next jeb ration of tools".



  2. Scott says:

    If any of you Microsoft "insiders" know where I could get a copy of that Napoleon Dynamite spoof I would sure love to post it on my Napoleon Dynamite fan site! ( I was really bummed when I watched the keynote webcast and saw that they had blacked it out. If you have info please email me at


  3. Peter Hornby says:

    I amused myself during the keynotes by trying to imagine how I would perform if I had to be the closed-caption person. I think that whoever it was did a remarkable job. And the Tuesday person got a whole lot closer than the Wednesday person faced with Eric Rudder, Steven Sinofsky et al.


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