From the CD Scrapheap

In the corner of my office, I've got a bunch of CDs:

Rather than throwing away CDs that have outlived their usefulness, I started decorating with them.  I know, it's a stretch to call a pile of CDs a "decoration," but they give a nice glow to the room when the sun shines through them.  After awhile, the CD collecting got contagious!  People will sometimes stop by my office with some CDs to contribute to the heap.

Anyway, last weekend I was sifting through the CDs (actually hoping I'd find a usable CD for Windows XP) and I got a kick out of some of the CDs I came across.  Here's an interesting one, for example:

Remember Windows .NET Server? Here's a CD for RC1!

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  1. Yeah, I remember that. In fact just today I threw out a bunch of old CDs that I don’t want to ship to Amsterdam. CDs like the Digital Dashboard Starter Kit (the Sharepoint precursor), Tahoe (I can’t remember what Tahoe was), Class Server Preview, evaluation for ME, a gold master for a Services for Unix CD I put together, and a final build for Server 2003 from the Windows build lab…..ahhhh….

  2. zzz says:

    I like this chair made from those useless AOL CD’s better though…

  3. Yes, the CD chair is quite impressive. That might be a good thing to try once I have about 10x the CDs!

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