Bizarre college flashback

Every once in awhile I come across a blog post that mentions my Interop book or, but this one is a first:

For some reason, someone who goes by "Benzado" recently found and linked to a so-called "artificial intelligence" CS project I did in college whose web page is still alive: Learning to Play Tetris!  There's a Java applet so you can play the game, or you can click "Learned Weights" to watch the computer play like a pro!

I was never really impressed with the field of artificial intelligence from my exposure to it in college, but I do remember that the computer ended up teaching me some new Tetris moves and made me a better player!

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  1. Via Adam Nathans blog he has a link to an AI tetris player he wrote a few years ago.

    Deeply hypnotic to watch. The URL is

    Watching the computer get itself out of trouble is quite fascinati

  2. Hey, I just found this via a vanity Google Blog search.  I was at Cornell too, class of 2002.  I don’t think we ever really "met".  I remembered your AI Tetris player from BOOM and linked to it thinking I’d do something with it some day.

    Apparently spam robots have remixed your text into random blogspot blogs.  Try a Google Blog search for "benzado tetris" and see what I mean.

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