Goodbye Longhorn, Hello Windows Vista!

Longhorn = Windows Vista

With product names, my feeling is that anything new takes awhile to get used to, especially after using a codename for several years.  It's hard to imagine a creative name for a new version of a product that people would love instantly (although I thought Xbox 360 was a good choice).  I just remember how much some of us on the CLR hated the .NET name when it was first revealed!  I wasn't sure about the "Windows Vista" name when I first heard it, but now I actually like it!

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  1. McGurk says:

    Still waiting for an entry on that states the obvious — Vista sucks, Longhorn rules. I betcha fifteen cents that people are going to be calling it Longhorn and not Vista in conversations. F this "Vista" s. Longhorn is a much better name.

  2. Olaf says:

    Longhorn sounds more though, like it is up to the job. Vista sounds like a touristic place, like we are up to the job but not right now since we are on holiday.

  3. john says:

    ohh…vista is horrible so far..the beta 1 screenshots are HORRIBLE. JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE. where are the features ? this thing has created less buzz than vista is going to demolish windows monopoly, inspite of all the OEM deals, 1000s of apps, etc. It’s just plain bad. I was really looking forward to longhorn and am severely disappointed with what i’ve seen so far.

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