A new product announced: ‘Acrylic’

Here's some news that isn't from TechEd, but rather from Soma's blog"Acrylic" has just been announced and made available as a downloadable beta.  It's the next version of Creature House Expression 3, a vector-based illustration tool for professional designers:


Believe it or not, I'm still a regular user of PhotoDraw 2000!  I guess it's time to try this out instead (although in the current beta it looks like you can only save files in the .xpr format).

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  1. jkuhne says:

    You can actually save in a number of formats. See the File:Export menu.

    Cheers from the Acrylic team. 😉

  2. William Luu says:

    I think what would be nice is to save in an SVG format so that we can use the svg to xaml converters floating about.

  3. Mark O'Sullivan says:

    I use Photodraw 2000 still today, very simple and powerful(for my needs). Be interestng to see how ‘Acrylic’ lives up to (extends) the experience offered by Photodraw, from my point of view anyway.

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