Now available: Beta 1 RC of Avalon and Indigo

I'm happy to say that the Beta 1 RC of Avalon & Indigo is now available here.  This version is compatible with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2!

As promised, I've updated my XAML playing cards sample here, and I've updated the two pages on XAMLshare as well.  I see that Valentin already updated his chess sample on XAMLshare to match Beta 1 RC!  Great!

Next time, we'll look at some of the Avalon changes from March CTP to Beta 1 RC.

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  1. Michael Ruck says:

    How can I run these samples on a German WinXP with Avalon and VS2k5 Beta2 installed?

    I seem not to be able to compile the satellite assemblies holding the *.baml files… Which of course causes failures later…

  2. madman says:

    release candidate of a beta 1. i’ll be waiting for the beta 2 of the rc3 of the beta 1 of the rtm.

  3. Adam Nathan says:

    Michael, which samples are you referring to? It’s possible that the culprit is the <UICulture>en-US</UICulture> in the <PropertyGroup> section of the .csproj files. Removing and/or updating that should help.

    madman, yes, the naming is a bit odd. 🙂 Another way to think of this release is as a "May CTP" for folks that want to get an extra-early look at these technologies as they get closer to shipping.

  4. James Hancock says:


    1. Is the Avalon RTM going to be in sync with Longhorn or before? (i.e. what’s the ETA because it matters if we’re going to move to .NET Winforms 2.0 or skip it and go right to Avalon.

    2. When are we going to get a RAD tool for Avalon? This is great and all, but I don’t feel like writting interfaces in XML and guessing at screen positions etc.

  5. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve just released the Avalon and Indigo Beta1 Release Candidate. To inspire…

  6. Did something strange happen to PerspectiveCamera or MeshGeometry3D? (or whatever it’s called)

    A demo which apparently worked fine under the March CTP ( – the avalontaskmgr demo – doesn’t actually look like the screenshot when you run it) is giving some very strange warped perspective effects under Beta1RC, and neither the author nor I can figure out how to tweak the camera to make it work right.

    The 3D chess sample still works so either the chess sample was fixed in some way that we haven’t discovered, or the problem isn’t triggered by that sample.

  7. Adam Nathan says:

    James: I don’t know if any decision has been made about ship dates, but I’m sure you know that Longhorn has a target of 2006. As for a RAD tool, I definitely agree with you! I’m confident that the story will improve in the near future.

    Stuart: I don’t know… I haven’t started playing with 3D until recently, but I’ll see if I can find anything out.

  8. Michel Comeau says:

    hi Adam,

    Here is something interesting i found when fiddling with your playing card in AvPad:

    <Geometry x:Key="ShadowGeo">M1467.5,1852.5c0,110-90,200-200,200h-1067c-110,0-200-90-200-200v-1652 c0-110,90-200,200-200h1067c110,0,200,90,200,200V1852.5z</Geometry>

    <DrawingBrush x:Key="Shadow" Stretch="Uniform">


    <GeometryDrawing Brush="#404040" Geometry="{StaticResource ShadowGeo}" />



    Its probably not big new, but i found a way to define a Geometry resource.

  9. In case you haven’t heard , we’ve just released the Avalon and Indigo Beta1 Release Candidate . To inspire

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