An Overview of Managed/Unmanaged Code Interoperability

I promised I'd post this link on my blog.  PDC attendees can also find it on their Longhorn DVD (Disk #2).  It's a document called "The Developer's Guide to Migration and Interoperability in Longhorn: Alpha Patterns and Practices".

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  1. Sam Gentile says:


    I keep looking for the slides for you and Sonya’s Intrerop talk on the PDC site and it doesn’t seem to be there.

  2. Richard Hayton says:

    In your ".Net and COM" book on page 433 you note that "The Interop Marshaler only supports marshaling SAFEARRAYS as parameters or return types in 1.0". Is this still the case? (and if it is, is it likely to change in future?) Is there any way of passing a structure containing an array (of another structure), other than unfolding the structure and passing its contents as parameters. Ideally I’d like to solve the more general problem
    struct A {int a,int b} struct B { A[] a,int b} and then have a method of the form foo(B[] items)



  3. Mark Timperley says:

    Arrays.cs in the v1.1 SDK doesn’t seem to work correctly when marshaling an array of structures. If you insert the following line of code at about line 209 in Arrays.cs (right after persons is defined) it causes a runtime exception.


    Any ideas?

  4. Thanks for the link adam. I’m eagerly awaiting the final release for longhorn.

  5. Read Print says:

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