Data Access Panel at TechEd 2004

I will be hosting a Data Access discussion panel at TechEd 2004:   DATPNL  Data Access Round Table Thursday, May 27 11:45 AM- 12:30 PM   The following people will be participating in the panel discussion:   Mark Fussell – Lead Program Manager for System.Xml and English soccer apologist Pablo Castro –  Program Manager for…


Michael’s book part II

Michael Brundage’s (one of my co-workers from SqlXml days) new book on XQuery has sky rocketed to number 7172 on the sales rank.  Although Michael will probably give me a copy, I am tempted to buy one from Amazon to see the effect on the sales rank. 


Michael’s book

Michael Brundage ’s book on XQuery is now posted on Amazon.  He tells me it is “done”.  I read an early draft, and found it quite interesting and entertaining.  Unfortunately, it won’t be ready for the holiday season ’03 (it will be out in early ’04), so a lot of people are going to have…