You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar where several scenes from Top Gun were filmed is right accross the street from my hotel in San Diego. I will be making a official visit tonight with several of my wingmen.  If I had one of those “100 things I want to do in my…


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I will be posting more about the changes to the ObjectSpaces release plans in the near future- but in the mean time, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that we are willing to listen to any and all feedback about the changes.  The following lists all the avenues to do so: 1.  Email…


O/R BOF talk

Scott Bellware has proposed a Object/ Relational birds-of-a-feather talk for TechEd 2004.  If you are interested, please make sure you vote for the topic.  Based on the strong showing for the same topic at PDC, this talk should be quite lively.


Talk ideas and dinner?

I am giving a talk at TechEd 2004 which we have never given before called:   DAT380  Building Applications with ADO.NET ObjectSpaces Friday, May 28 9:00 AM- 10:15 AM Speaker(s): Andrew Conrad Track(s): Data Management, Developer Tools and Technologies Traditionally, object oriented business objects and relational databases have differing ways of structuring data. As a result…


Data Access Panel at TechEd 2004

I will be hosting a Data Access discussion panel at TechEd 2004:   DATPNL  Data Access Round Table Thursday, May 27 11:45 AM- 12:30 PM   The following people will be participating in the panel discussion:   Mark Fussell – Lead Program Manager for System.Xml and English soccer apologist Pablo Castro –  Program Manager for…