Stop, Drop, and Roll

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post that I thought some sort of client side data structure, which was designed to store projections of a domain model instances (both in memory and persisted in a data store), was a necessary part of any O/R framework.  My conjecture was that this was required due…


Nix the DataSet??????

Some interesting comments from my entry on new DataSet features…   Please nix the DataSet from the framework entirely and re-focus on the domain-oriented data access work you were doing prior to Tech-Ed 04. If that’s not possible, please have the Visual Studio team desist from distracting .NET culture from Domain-Driven Design with that nasty,…


O/R redux

One of the big conversations that has been going on for some time in the Java world is how prescriptive container frameworks such as EJB and Spring should be.  It is fairly well known, that for O/R mapping frameworks the same conversation exists since O/R persistence is really just one (albeit complicated) service that can…


One crazy Italian

Luca Bolognese, one crazy Italian, now has a blog… and he is even writing it himself.  Luca was Mr. ObjectSpaces back in the day and is now working with the C# team on the sequence operator work.


Comment on a good comment

Got a very observant comment on my ObjectSpaces and WinFS Part 2 entry:My big scare is that merging ObjectSpaces and WinFS will restrict me from using OS as the persistence layer in places where the customer doesn’t have and won’t upgrade to the latest windows platform or even the latest SP… in these cases, I’m…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I will be posting more about the changes to the ObjectSpaces release plans in the near future- but in the mean time, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that we are willing to listen to any and all feedback about the changes.  The following lists all the avenues to do so: 1.  Email…


Ramblings about POCO*, transparency and delayed load.

As someone pointed out, I have been referring to ObjectSpaces as supporting true POCO – which is technically incorrect.  ObjectSpaces does prescribe the usage of ObjectHolder and ObjectList for delayed load cases (more of the merits of delayed loading down below).  However, beyond that – there is no prescribed type definition.  So for the sake…


Orthogonal to Orthogonal

I think Ralf post about “Should object persistence really be thought of as orthogonal functionality?” is orthogonal to the real problem that ObjectSpaces is trying to solve.  It seems his overall point is that by allowing any domain objects to be persisted to a relational store will lead to some cases where the developer designs…


O/R BOF talk

Scott Bellware has proposed a Object/ Relational birds-of-a-feather talk for TechEd 2004.  If you are interested, please make sure you vote for the topic.  Based on the strong showing for the same topic at PDC, this talk should be quite lively.


Talk ideas and dinner?

I am giving a talk at TechEd 2004 which we have never given before called:   DAT380  Building Applications with ADO.NET ObjectSpaces Friday, May 28 9:00 AM- 10:15 AM Speaker(s): Andrew Conrad Track(s): Data Management, Developer Tools and Technologies Traditionally, object oriented business objects and relational databases have differing ways of structuring data. As a result…