Everyone’s problem

David – you’re dangerous.  

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar where several scenes from Top Gun were filmed is right accross the street from my hotel in San Diego. I will be making a official visit tonight with several of my wingmen.  If I had one of those “100 things I want to do in my…


Doug Kenney

A (long) interesting article about Doug Kenney, the creator and co- writer of one of the greatest comedies ever.  I would not consider it a “cult” classic though (as portrayed by the article), unless you consider every one under seventy who plays golf part of a cult.  

being irrational

Starsky and Hutch comes out Friday.  For better or worse, in my opinion this film is going to be a “classic”, although I really have no choice but to say so.  A little background here:  a few years ago I was heard saying that “All Owen Wilson movies are classics.”   Now although I probably had…



Last week I was visiting Fargo to do some work with the Microsoft Business Frameworks team.  In the weeks leading up to the visit, our co-workers in North Dakota harassed us Redmond’ites with a variety of emails explaining how cold it had become.  Since I have now experienced -22 Fahrenheit (or feels like -47 with…


My blog is moving

Like everyone else on http://www.gotdotnet.com my blog is moving.  Here is the new link.  Hopefully this will be the last move.  

Michael Lewis homepage

In an item of interest only to myself and a couple of other Michael Lewis apologists I work with.  I found his homepage, which although being mediocre at best, has never the less been given a permanent bookmark in my browser.   Read “Moneyball” – it will change your life.