‘foo’ is a ‘variable’ but is used like a ‘method’

  Over the last several months, because of my current project I have had to program in a bunch of different languages.   (The reason for this will become crystal clear early next week).  Basically, I have had to code in C#, VB, and IronPython while at the same time I have been trying learning Haskell and…


Iceman lives

Via Michael Brundage (the man without a blog): http://www.sky.com/showbiz/article/0,,50001-1174806,00.html  


The Next Karate Kid

Maybe this movie was better then first thought? With two time oscar winner Hillary Swank + I am sure Pat Morita is right on the cusp of something big. It seems like with the big oscar win for Eastwood with Million Dollar Baby – that he should have to return his “original lifetime achievement” award…

The wrong Farrell to play Sonny Crockett.

When I first saw the headline, I mistakenly thought the fine actor Will Ferrell had been hired to play Crockett.   I wonder if the soundtrack is going to have any Phil Collins or Glen Frey songs… somehow I doubt it.


Washington Ski Season – DOA

Because of the infamous “Pineapple Express”, the Washington ski season has basically ended.  See for yourself. This has been the worst season in my lifetime.  However, we do have water rationing to look forward to this summer.  


Note enough commute time

About a 1 ½ years ago, I decided to purchase an iPod and get a membership with audible.com (which I highly recommend) in an effort to “read” more.  Since the birth of my second child in mid-2003, my amount of free leisure time had been drastically cut and hence my reading time had become almost…


Fowler – The King

For the IoC amateurs (like myself) out there – Fowler has a very good introduction using the style of P of EAA. Also, some very good updates to P of EAA here. The amazing thing is this guy writes stuff faster then I can grok it.    

Back in the Saddle

It has been a while since I blogged, almost three months.  So what have I been up to – well actually quite a bit.  I have left the WinFS client API team and moved back to my old group (formally the WebData team) now called Dataworks.  To make a long story short, they needed some…



Just picked up Van Halen’s 1984 album off iTunes on what is roughly the 20th anniversary of the original release.  Actually, this is the second time I have bought the album, but I lost the cassette tape years ago. For those of you lacking in-depth knowledge of 80’s music, this was the album which made…