Stop, Drop, and Roll

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post that I thought some sort of client side data structure, which was designed to store projections of a domain model instances (both in memory and persisted in a data store), was a necessary part of any O/R framework.  My conjecture was that this was required due…


Dataworks now has a group blog

My current group now has a team Blog: Alyssa Henry, our product unit manager provided a good description of the technologies which it will cover.  


Nix the DataSet??????

Some interesting comments from my entry on new DataSet features…   Please nix the DataSet from the framework entirely and re-focus on the domain-oriented data access work you were doing prior to Tech-Ed 04. If that’s not possible, please have the Visual Studio team desist from distracting .NET culture from Domain-Driven Design with that nasty,…


DataSet feature requests

We have begun the initial planning for the next version of the DataSet (post VS 2005).  If you have a feature you would like to see, let me know. I can also pass on feature requests for other components in System.Xml and to the proper folks.


Everybody’s favorite topic – NULL

In V1 of .net, value types could not be null.  Since, this was contradictory to relational databases use of null, the DataSet needed to have a concept of nullable value types – hence DBNull was invented.   DBNull is simple type in the System namespace.  It does not have a constructor, but a static method…


Dataset performance improvements in frameworks V2

System.Data.DataSet contains some very significant performance improvements over prior versions – particularly for large result set scenarios. In particular,   Highly efficient Binary Remoting —  For large Dataset, orders of magnitude better than v1.x Row Insert, Delete and Modify operations – For large Dataset, orders of magnitude better than v1.x. For instance, for a DataTable…