Project Astoria == ADO.NET Data Services == WCF Data Services

As announced at PDC this afternoon by Pablo, the ADO.NET Data Services framework is being renamed WCF Data Services as the first part of a long term effort to align all the Microsoft technologies for building n-tier applications and services.  While this change does not affect current product plans or deliverables for Dev 10 or…


ODBC for the web

Yesterday at PDC and via the Project Astoria team blog, we announced the Open Data Protocol (OData) imitative. The Open Data Protocol (OData) specification is published under the Open Specification Promise which allows anyone to develop software that interops with OData sources. In fact, there is already a growing list of products and libraries in…

DevConnections slides and demo

Here is my slides and demo from the talk I gave last week at DevConnections: “DAO01: What’s New in ADO.NET Data Services?”. What’s new in ADO.NET Data