Project Astoria == ADO.NET Data Services == WCF Data Services

As announced at PDC this afternoon by Pablo, the ADO.NET Data Services framework is being renamed WCF Data Services as the first part of a long term effort to align all the Microsoft technologies for building n-tier applications and services.  While this change does not affect current product plans or deliverables for Dev 10 or…


ODBC for the web

Yesterday at PDC and via the Project Astoria team blog, we announced the Open Data Protocol (OData) imitative. The Open Data Protocol (OData) specification is published under the Open Specification Promise which allows anyone to develop software that interops with OData sources. In fact, there is already a growing list of products and libraries in…


DevConnections slides and demo

Here is my slides and demo from the talk I gave last week at DevConnections: “DAO01: What’s New in ADO.NET Data Services?”. What’s new in ADO.NET Data


Peter Qian and row count

Peter Qian, the newest member of the ADO.NET Data Services, now has his own blog. In his initial post, Peter talks about the row count feature we included with v1.5 of ADO.NET Data Services.  He was one of the main designers and the implementer of this feature, so he knows what he is talking about. …


updated Linq to Sql IUpdatable implementation

Based on feedback from Robert Fonseca-Ensor, I have made a bunch of bug and performance fixes to the IUpdatable implementation for Linq to Sql and posted those to code gallery.  Rob is also now my first official contributor to the project. As part of ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 we have provided a new way to…


Astoria v1.5 CTP now available

In the fine tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day we have released the first CTP of ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 today.  Download here.  Team blog announcement and “Getting Started” walk through video here. This is definitely a green release – with features like server driven paging and streaming blob support which will save you millions of…


VSlive Presentations and demos

Last week I presented two talks about ADO.NET Data Services at VSLive in San Francisco.  As promised to the talk attendees, here are the slides and demos.


OOB == Out of Band

Yesterday we announced that we will be releasing an update to ADO.NET Data Services that we are calling ADO.NET Data Services v1.5.  For more details, see Mike Flasko’s write up here on the team blog. We should have a CTP out very soon.  I am personally very excited about having a ship vehicle that will…


Using timeout setting with Astoria client

Believe it or not, but we did ship ADO.NET Data Services with a few bugs.    One issue in particular is somewhat nasty.   However the code developers might be tempted to write to work around the bug could cause far worse problems down the road when we fix the initial bug.  Hence I wanted to write…