MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Services with John Papa

On Wednesday John Papa will be giving a webcast about anything and everything you ever wanted to know when consuming Astoria Data Services from a Silverlight 2.0 app.  Should be a good one. I also noticed that his new book will be out January 2nd.  I have already preordered my copy.  I do wonder where…

What is IUpdatable? Why should I care?

Over the past few weeks I have posted a couple of samples of implementing IUpdateable for non-EF DALs so those can be used as data sources for ADO.NET Data Services.  A handful of people have asked me why this is interesting, so I now realize I should have given more background up front. Out of…


Attention! Phani on Deck!

One of the most common feature requests we hear for Astoria is the ability to mark properties on an entity as hidden.  Currently in V1 we support this on the server, but not with the .NET or Silverlight clients. Phani, resident Astoria hacker (and a really good tester), has written a very good post on…


IUpdateable for Linq to Sql – Fixing a few issues

Finally got IUpdateable.ResetResource() for Linq To Sql working correctly.  This means that REPLACE operations are now working correctly.  I have uploaded those changes to code gallery. Going forward all changes to the code with be available exclusively on code gallery.  Also, I am trying to track known open issues there with the issue tracking capability….


Developing aN Astoria data provider for SubSonic

I have developed a data provider for SubSonic to enable it as a ADO.NET Data Services data source. This ended up being a bit harder then I initially thought, and is definitely still a work in progress. If you are interested, I have started a code gallery project for it. I decided to base the…