Astoria offsite

Last Wednesday we had a very important offsite for the entire Project Astoria team: Many key technical issues were discussed. In fact, the entire team was quite spent after a long, hard day. 


Project Astoria Links for 1/15/08

Michael Sync has written a sample using the new Astoria Silverlight client library. David Hayden posted a nice walk through for getting an Data Service up and running over Linq To Sql. Our own Macelo Ruiz talks about some tweaks we made to the Astoria URI syntax on his personal blog.


VB version of CopyToDataTable<T>

Matthew Wills ported my original C# CopyToDataTable<T> Linq operator to VB.  According to him, he used Instant VB to convert the code from C# to VB and then hand tweaked it.  Looks like a fairly cool tool that we could use to port our C# unit tests to VB.   (We try to run the same…


Updated Astoria Silverlight client now available

The updated Astoria Silverlight client is now available. This client is 95% compatible with the client library we released back in the December CTP (we hope to make this 100% source code compatible by RTM) + works with the latest Silverlight 1.1 Alpha. When the next preview of Silverlight releases this spring, we will release…


Pathetic Plea for help

A number of people have asked me for a VB version of the CopyToDataTable<T> sample I wrote a few months back.   Unfortunately, between getting some skiing in (lots of snow in Washington this year!) and getting Astoria ready for Mix, I have not had very little free time.  Hence, if anyone else wants to take…