Server errors and the Astoria client

Marcelo Lopez Ruiz, a developer on the Astoria team, has written a nice post describing how to deal with Astoria server errors returned via HTTP. One thing I regret that we didn’t get into the Astoria December CTP was the ability to show detailed Astoria server errors to remote clients.  Something like what ASP.NET supports. …


Project Astoria Links for 12/18/07

Jonathan Carter is in the midst of writing a 11 Part (!) Training Series about ADO.NET Data Services. Guy Burnstein has also started a “Get Started with ADO.Net Data Services” post series.


Linq to REST

Late Sunday night we released the first public preview of ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions.  For information on the release, see ScottGu’s announcement. As part of that preview, we released the first CTP of the production version of Project Astoria.  For details, see public release announcement by Mike Flasko on the Astoria Team Blog. Astoria actually has been given its official…