Project Jasper sample

Tok Wee Hyong of the .Net Singapore user group has put together a nice Project Jasper sample available here if anyone is interested.

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  1. rogerj says:


    Did you test the sample before making your recommendation?

    According to Jeff Derstadt (MSFT):

    The Jasper CTP is not supported for VS 2008 Beta 2. The installer included a patch for an earlier VS 2008 CTP where the EDM tools would not work properly. You will likely need to reinstall VS 2008 Beta 2 to remove this patch.


  2. aconrad says:

    Just to be clear – the sample works with Jasper running over Beta 1 of Orcas.  The problem exists when installing Jasper over Entity Framework Beta 2.  We are currently investigating a solution for this.

    thanks – Andy

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