Greatest Book Store in the World

I am down in Portland Oregon over the weekend for RailsConf.  During lunch today, I decided to drop into my favorite book store – Powell’s Technical Books in downtown Portland. 


Besides the standard library of every computer and software book currently in print, Powell’s technical books also has the largest collection of used Math, Engineering, and Science books I have ever seen in one place.


It is simply an amazing place that has been around for a while now.  An entire book store devoted to technical books.  In fact, it is the only brick and mortar technical book store I know about (are there others?).  It surprises me the place stays in business, but perhaps the technical book market is a lot bigger then I thought.


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  1. rogerj says:

    When I was going to high school and college in Berkeley, Stacey’s Scientific and Medical Books (as I believe it’s full name was then), ran a similar bookstore to Powell’s on Market Street near Montgomery in San Francisco. At the time I had the same feeling for Stacey’s as you do for Powell’s.

    Stacey’s is now an independent competitor to the big-box book chains, although it does continue to carry medical and engineering titles. It’s not, however, what it used to be as evidenced by this review:

    As a writer of technical (computer) books, I can tell you that the market has gotten a lot smaller since it was really big 10 years ago.


  2. I would guess that they do far more business through the Internet than they do at the actual bookstore. Powell’s entire stock is online at

  3. AnitoKid says:

    Wow! Sounds like a good business opportunity!

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