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About a 1 ½ years ago, I decided to purchase an iPod and get a membership with (which I highly recommend) in an effort to “read” more.  Since the birth of my second child in mid-2003, my amount of free leisure time had been drastically cut and hence my reading time had become almost non-existence.


I am pleased to announce that this experiment has been quite successful, and in fact – I am basically stopped listening to the radio during my 70 minutes of total commute time each day.  My only complaints are that the lack of technical books available in audible form (Please – someone start this business!) and that I don’t seem to have enough commute time now. I have tried to maximize the latter by leaving at the worse times, driving under the speed limit and always stopping for yellow lights – but it does not really seem to be enough.  Perhaps I should move east of the mountains?


To compound this problem, I down loaded iPodder over the holidays and have been trying to figure out which feeds to download.  I tried.Net Rocks – but it was a little too fluffy for me.  I have heard good things about Adam Curry’s shows – but haven’t checked those out yet.  Any help from the BlogSphere would be appreciated.  I am looking for a regular show focused on technology (mostly software related) which is not too long. 

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  1. I’d give some of DotNeckRocks newer episodes a try again if you haven’t already. Based on similar feedback from it’s listeners, which I agree with, they have recently dropped much of the "fluff" and moved that content to a new radio show and dotnetrocks has returned to some of the more original pure technical formats. Might be worth another shot.


    Josh Carlisle

  2. Brian Noyes says:

    I can’t speak for the formats that iPod’s support, but what I do is load .NET Show, MSDN TV episodes, and TechEd sessions onto my 1GB SD card and just listen to the audio on my PocketPC while commuting.

  3. Ray Jezek says:

    If time is that precious to you I would recommend not getting into podcasts. I’ve tried out quite a few and I must say I haven’t found any that have been worth while. Some of them are mildly entertaining but since time is so important to me as well, that’s not at all how I want to use my entertainment time. There just aren’t any good podcasts with substance that I’VE FOUND. They may exist, but I haven’t found them.

    Even Adam Curry’s podcast which imo is the most professionally done isn’t very good. At the end of listening to it you’re kind of like, "40 minutes of a whole lot of nothing".

  4. True story. The shows before Jan, 2004 and after November 1, 2004 have little or no fluff.

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