The Ricky Gervais Show

Discovered this nice little podcast over the holidays.  Simply superb!   Downside is that I am now wasting all my time searching for interesting monkey news to contribute.

Dirty Sql

David Heinemeier Hansson, the man behind Ruby on Rails, has the best take yet on O/R Mapping frameworks and SQL:                 But Isn’t Sql Dirty?               Ever since programmers started to layer object-oriented systems on top of relational databases, they’ve struggled with the question of how deep to run the abstraction.  Some…


Last minute Xmas gift idea

Looking for the right gift for the person that has everything.  Try Bibicaffe – you won’t be sorry.  Even the folks at Coca-Cola company are getting into the carbonated coffee drink business.

Walken for President

Now that is a candidate I can get behind.  Wonder if I can get the to endorse him?  


Shareholder value

Apparently – I went public, or at least my blog did.  And let me tell you, I didn’t make a cent off it.  I guess that all went to the investment bankers.   Bryant Likes, our SQLXML MVP from a couple of years ago, bought up all the shares of my blog.  I guess that…


Projections and DataSet

While no was looking, we snuck projections into the DataSet in ADO.NET 2.0.  While not the full power of projection offered by a typical RDMS query processor like Sql Server, it does provide some interesting functionality.   (The sample code here is from Visual Studio 2005 – Beta 2)    To support projection, the method…


Cyrus on LINQ driven C# features

Cyrus has an excellent description of the new C# 3.0 features that were added to make LINQ work.  Always an extremely good and proficient blogger, he has been on fire lately.   Anonymous Types, Lambda expression, extension methods… there is a lot of goodness here, and not just for query.


ADO.NET vNext PDC samples

Yesterday, during Dave Campell’s PDC talk (DAT200 – Future Directions for Data-Driven Applications: Storage, Applications, API), Pablo Castro previewed some cool code samples of functionality we are thinking of introducing into the next version of ADO.NET.  If you are in LA, and missed the talk or want to see the C# versions of the samples…

DataWorks team at PDC

Over on the DataWorks blog, Sushil has posted the PDC schedule for the team members. If anyone wants to talk ADO.NET at PDC and these times don’t work – let me know and we can set something up.   Tonight I will be at El Cholo drinking margaritas…

PDC teaser from Pablo

Pablo Castro gave a small preview of what he will be talking about next week at PDC. I will be attending the conference along with several people from ADO.NET team:  Pablo Castro, Steve Stark, and Sushil Chordia. I will post later today our times for the track lounges, etc in case anyone is interested.