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It has been a while since I blogged, almost three months.  So what have I been up to – well actually quite a bit.  I have left the WinFS client API team and moved back to my old group (formally the WebData team) now called Dataworks.  To make a long story short, they needed some last minute work done for Yukon that was along the same lines of some of the Xml to relational stuff I did with the SqlXml team.   Basically developing an DataReader (“XmlDataReader) for Xml sources.  (More on that topic at a later date).


It is a tight schedule with some interesting challenges – but it is invigorating again to be designing/ developing something near-term and with a solid vision.  Feels a lot like those ObjectSpaces’ days last fall/ winter.  Keeping busy with good challenges keeps me out of trouble.


Long term I will be working on XmlDataReader and the DataSet going for the Orcas release of Whidbey. 


This job change is probably going to slightly affect the topics of my Blog, but I still hope to discuss O/R mapping topics.  Despite not working actively on O/R stuff the last few months, I have spent some time looking at what our competitors are doing – and generally what is going on in this space.  That has given me a few ideas of how the current stack could be used to implement some of the O/R functionality that ObjectSpaces had.  I hope to post some blogs about this near term and maybe get a MSDN article written this winter some time.  I also have been doing quite a bit of reading about the “light weight container” movement in the Java world and have some questions about that approach wrt O/R Mappping solutions and application development in general.  This approach is quite different in a lot of ways to how we do things with the .net frameworks – so I have some open questions that have been puzzling me on this topic.


I also hope to discuss some of the DataSet improvements for Whidbey.  Up till a few weeks ago, I was not aware of the significant improvements that they have made for Whidbey – particularly in regards to performance.   I will leave specifics until later,


Same non-technical minutia will remain… plus I am quite steamed that Owen Wilson wasn’t invited back for “Meet the Fockers”. 


Oh… and since I have been working closely with XSD lately – I have decided to revive my 10 “favorite” XSD gripes list, but with a holiday theme.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    Should we read anything into that you have left the WinFS client API team?

    Best Regards,



  2. William Luu says:

    ok, just reading your blog post and it mentions "Orcas release of Whidbey".

    That’s gotten me confused.

    I had always thought Orcas was the name for the version of VS.NET after Whidbey which supports development support for Longhorn’s WinFX?

    Sounds a bit like what VS.NET 2003 was for 2002 (an upgrade). (ie: VS.NET Orcas is an upgrade to VS.NET 2005/Whidbey?). I know i’m most likely wrong, just guessing a bit 🙂

  3. Hey Andrew,

    I’ve been looking into lightweight containers for .net too. I’d like to hear your thoughts on System.ComponentModel vs. something like Spring.NET. especially where it relates to dependency injection. I can’t help think about the alpha 2001 Objectspaces where abstract classes were used and objectspaces was a factory for the concrete implementation. The ultimate question remains: What is the best way to inject perisistence into the domain? What about AOP?

  4. John says:

    Gee let’s hope Microsoft catches up and releases a O/R framework soon. Apple’s been doing it for about 5 or 6 years now.

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