Michael’s book part II

Michael Brundage’s (one of my co-workers from SqlXml days) new book on XQuery has sky rocketed to number 7172 on the Amazon.com sales rank.  Although Michael will probably give me a copy, I am tempted to buy one from Amazon to see the effect on the sales rank. 

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  1. Michael Brundage says:

    Thanks for the mention.

    Since your name appears in the book as "Kandy Konrad", I think I owe you a copy just so you’ll still talk to me!

    But of course, I don’t mind if you also order a copy 🙂

    Incidentally, Howard Katz pointed me to a slick tool at

    <a href="http://1.junglescan.com/scan/details.php?asin=0321165810">http://1.junglescan.com/scan/details.php?asin=0321165810</a&gt;. From that you can see the book has gone at least as high as 4054.

  2. Michael Rys says:

    Yesterday, somebody ordered one copy through my weblog reference :-). Was that you Andy? 🙂

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