Death, Taxes and Relation Databases, The Sequel

The ExtremeXml article has finally been completed and posted.  According to the article summary, this is the second in the series of articles.  I had not planned on a third part – but I guess I might have to do it now.  I do have some ideas about generalizing the solution from the second article using Whidbey and generics. 

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  1. Take Outs: The Digital Doggy Bag of Blog Bits for 18th and 19th February 2004

  2. Hoang Cung says:

    Therer’s missing a file in the project: SerializerOverider.cs. Could you post it

  3. Andrew Conrad says:

    Yah. The file is not needed. Go ahead and remove it from the project.

    I will update the bits on MSDN.

  4. Mahavir says:

    Andreew , I Appreciate your work in the Blogs

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