Englishman in Redmond

Mark Fussell, a semi crazy Englishman I work with here at Microsoft, has co-authored a good introductory book about the what's new with ADO.net and SqlXml in Whidbey.  I reviewed the latter content and found it quite detailed and well written.

The book also includes a short section on ObjectSpaces, but not enough to justify buying the book in my opinion.


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  1. Us englishmen are all crazy 😉 Does Mark have a blog?

  2. andrew Conrad says:

    He does indeed have a blog:


    check out "Ode to the XML DOM", one of my favorites posts.

  3. Andrew Stopford says:

    Thanks Andrew, seems he has joined us here on weblogs.asp.net @ http://weblogs.asp.net/mfussell.

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