Michael’s book

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’s book on
XQuery is now posted on Amazon.  He tells
me it is “done”.  I read an early draft,
and found it quite interesting and entertaining.   "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Unfortunately,
it won't be ready for the holiday season '03 (it will be out in early '04), so a lot
of people are going to have to rethink their gift giving plans.


By finishing his book, Michael has motivated
me to think about writing a book myself.  My
book won't be 448 pages long and probably won't be about XQuery.  I
believe I have settled on a topic and
have actually started a couple of chapters, now I just need to get motivated to fully


Incidentally, Michael is a graduate of Cal
which seems to be the modern center of science and engineering research.  I
didn't realize that fact until I read the memoirs of Richard
which incidentally is an extremely good book.

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