Michael Lewis homepage

In an item of interest only to myself and a couple of other Michael Lewis apologists I work with.  I found his homepage, which although being mediocre at best, has never the less been given a permanent bookmark in my browser.   Read “Moneyball” – it will change your life.  


PDC 2003 samples and mapper utility posted

The bits are now available for download via the GotDotNet samples page.  This is the same samples and mapping utility that we distributed at PDC 2003 on the ADO.net samples CD. We are still working on a more permanent home, probably the ObjectSpaces’ MSDN web site – once it is up and running.  


ObjectSpaces’ performance requirements

  From a comment on my “ObjectSpaces Myths” post:   “However it’s NOT a myth that ObjectSpaces is spec’ed to be 40% slower than DataSets, correct?”   The comparison is actually not that simple.  There are two basic reading from the data store scenarios:  1) Streaming and 2) Filling a cache.   For Streaming, ObjectSpaces…


Michael’s book

Michael Brundage ’s book on XQuery is now posted on Amazon.  He tells me it is “done”.  I read an early draft, and found it quite interesting and entertaining.  Unfortunately, it won’t be ready for the holiday season ’03 (it will be out in early ’04), so a lot of people are going to have…


ObjectSpaces Myths

From the Post-PDC 2003, feedback there seems to be a number of fallacies circulating about ObjectSpaces.  I have attempted to answer of few of those below: ObjectSpaces is a thin layer over ADO.net ObjectSpaces utilizes the SqlClient support of ADO.net to query and persist to Sql Server, it however does not use the ADO.net Dataset in…