100 worst movies of all time

I came upon the the IMDB
bottom 100 film list
while reconciling a lunch time wager pertaining to Cool
as Ice
.  My opinions of the list


should not be on this list.  If
you have seen it, you will agree. If you haven't, you won't understand why.  Since
the list is dynamic, I am going to start a campaign to get it off the list.


Sequels past part three shouldn
t be on this list.  E.g. 


4, 5, 6 and 7.  What s the point?


It is interesting that Batman
& Robin
made the list.  I definitely
think it was bad, but I am surprised that the Batman franchise apologists didn t give
it high enough scores to keep it off the list.  Although
any movie with Chris O Donnell should automatically make the worst 100.


How can Grease
be on this list?  As my co-worker
Todd likes to point out It even includes a song about bowling . 


Good to see that Owen Wilson (as
far as I can tell) is still clean.  No
bottom 100 entries.


My opinion of movies that should
be on the list:



Pretty Woman, The Run Away Bride
in fact, any Julia Roberts movie except for Ocean s Eleven.

Any Star Wars movie without Han

Any movie where Harrison Ford isn
t playing Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or a detective who goes undercover in an Amish

The Way We Were

The Matrix minus special effects.

Beverly Hills

Cop 3

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  1. re: Harrison Ford, wouldn’t rule 4 put BladeRunner (something of a classic) on the list of worst movies of all time?

  2. Hi Andy –

    @Joseph: Exactly my point, how can Bladerunner make it on the list?
    @Andy: or American Graffiti, I also think Regarding Henry and Presumed Innocent are decent movies
    Titanic: not my kind of flick, but entertaining and very good story telling, not one of the 100 worst movies, just wait for Titanic2! I would add ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Casablanca’ to the list, for most people these movies make the top-100 list, I just think they are boring!
    Of course Grease 2 belongs to the list, with Grease1 and whatever else …

    Reading to the list I am happy that I probably watched less then 10 percent of the movies on the list, looks like I am an excellent judge of bad movies….

  3. Valery Pryamikov says:

    I’m quite disappointed by this your post. I thought that as a creative person working for Microsoft you should know better that false accusations about the product of someone’s creativity to be one of X worst ever created doesn’t actually compliment intelligence of the person saying that. ( as about worst movies – just go to the nearest movie store and count how many movies there you have never saw and don’t want to see at all… )

  4. Andrew Conrad says:

    Ok… I will be changing my Harrison Ford criteria to:

    Any movie where Harrison Ford isn t playing Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or a policeman who lives in an Amish community or in the furture.

    I believe that covers Blade Runner – but I not excluding "Regarding Henry".

    I noticied that I have seen about 20% of the movies. That may say something, but I’m not sure.

  5. Chris says:

    Now since I read that you would put Matrix on the list I will think about switching from .Net to Java…

  6. Spodge/potataway says:

    Titanic is a great movie!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst movie ever is justin to kelly now that is a BAD movie!!!!Even their clothes were hideous.

    The matrix also sucks because it is insanly boring. The best movie ever is monty pyhton and the holy grail and forest gump now those are the best movies in the WORLD=).Alomst famous is also very good, as is baseketball.

    We could go on forever because we are just 2 amazing movie critics.

    thank you

  7. You Suck says:

    You suck. The movies that you think are the worst in the world are the best movies that have ever been made. What do you mean that you don’t like Titanic. Titanic is a historical event where thousands of people died and they made a good re-enactment of the event and you think that it sucks. You are just jealous of Leonardo and you know it. And the Matrix that’s a good movie, and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have made so much money in the box office. Ocean’s Eleven is a good movie too. You are just mad because you aren’t one of the very hott guys in that movie.

  8. Simon Fuck Penarsee says:

    The worst film of all time is King Solomon’s Mines – the first one. well the old version in colourvision. its appalling. its not even funny in the end. watching super imposed lions pretend to attack a couple of shittily dressed actors that hav just knocked over a hot pot where they were being boiled alive by their Native Indian captors. its one disaster over another. and even if you gambled on the most ridiculous of outcomes, you wouldnt touch this plot with a 927973 foot barge pole.

    nuf said people.

    now watch it and throw up. its terrible but at the same time, i pity it and want to have sex with it.

  9. Mr. Thrush says:

    I’ve heard that PIRAHNAS is the worst film ever. so im going to buy the bastad

  10. R.J. Gonzalez says:

    anacondas, dude, where’s my car, and ishtar and a few of the worst movies i’ve ever seen

  11. juana dance says:

    Meet the Fockers is so focking bad.  I hate everything with Ben Stiller in it.  I can’t think of anyone less funny – maybe Hitler.

  12. Jeremy Franks says:

    The absolute worst of the worst is THINGS starring Amber Lynn, it really has to be seen to believed, but also very hilarious. If you haven’t seen this Canadian feature film, you have to hunt it down.

  13. Jeremy Franks says:

    What, my opinion doesn’t count? I posted my comment yesterday, and it has not appeared?

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