SqlXml WR3 sp2 released

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A beta of SqlXml Web release 3,
sp2 has been released
Normally a service pack release is not very exciting, but this release contains two
key fixes to SqlXml WR3:


1. Identity value Propagation for
Xml Bulkload – allows one to load nested Xml into multiple tables and have an identity
value generated and propagated to the child based on primary key – foreign key relationships.

2. When sending a SqlXml SOAP requests
to/ from Visual Studio .NET 2003, you can now pass a NULL for value-typed parameters.


The former of the two fixes has been
an adoption blocker for a lot of SqlXml users, so anyone currently using Xml Bulkload
should upgrade.

The new release also lifts the requirement
that Sql client tools is installed.  Now
only MDAC is required.

Comments (5)

  1. Don Watters says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new Identity propagation for XML bulkload…that makes our lives all so much easier (if you happen to be using the stuff)…Awesome.

  2. Thanks – let us know any (both good and bad) feedback on the identity value propagation.

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