I started working on the outline for a book I am planning to write about ObjectSpaces.  My goal was to get it started before 2004, so there you go – well ahead of schedule.  Please don’t tell Dare though, I am suppose to be finishing up a long over due ExtremeXml column for him today. …


anyone got a couple of million?

I have always wanted an aircraft carrier. Incidentally, I have updated my links to include Mark Fussell’s new Blog.  Thanks to the multiple people who made me aware of my post that incorrectly contained his old Blog.    

Englishman in Redmond

Mark Fussell, a semi crazy Englishman I work with here at Microsoft, has co-authored a good introductory book about the what’s new with ADO.net and SqlXml in Whidbey.  I reviewed the latter content and found it quite detailed and well written. The book also includes a short section on ObjectSpaces, but not enough to justify buying…


Don Box interview

Interesting interview of Don Box by Mary Jo Foley (of Microsoft Watch fame).  I think his comments on OO and the SOA world are right on.  

ObjectSpaces in an SOA world

There have been several internal email threads here at Microsoft about how ObjectSpaces will fit into the world of SOA.  Below I have included my internal reply to one such post on the subject. Note – my reply is not intended to be a manifesto on the subject, but more a conversation starter. Posted Question – “How…


the million dollar question

Paul Wilson has asked me what seems to be by far the most common question about ObjectSpaces: “Will it support other databases besides Sql Server… i.e Oracle, Access, etc?” For V1 of ObjectSpaces, which will ship as part of the Whidbey release of Visual Studio, only Sql Server 2000 and Yukon will be supported.  However, that…


Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya…

Hello All – since this is my first post on http://weblogs.asp.net since moving from the gotdotnet blogging site, I decided to revive my original “introduction” post.  My name is Andrew Conrad, I am a Software Design Engineer with the Sql Server group at Microsoft.  I have been working on the ObjectSpaces product over the past…


My blog is moving

Like everyone else on http://www.gotdotnet.com my blog is moving.  Here is the new link.  Hopefully this will be the last move.  

Luca’s PDC presentation

Luca’s PDC presentation on ObjectSpaces is now available.  So is the sample code.  

Michael Lewis homepage

In an item of interest only to myself and a couple of other Michael Lewis apologists I work with.  I found his homepage, which although being mediocre at best, has never the less been given a permanent bookmark in my browser.   Read “Moneyball” – it will change your life.