Counting the number of sections in an OpenXML Document

1/4/11 – Updated a couple of images and some of the code explanation Adam Cogan asked me a question the other day that asked (among other things) "How do you know if a doc has multiple sections?" In Word, of course, you can break a document up into sections by inserting a section  break from…


Training Kit Redux–More developer resources than you could shake a stick at

A while ago, I did a post about the great Developer Training Kits available for free download from Microsoft. Since then, we’ve released a bunch more, so I thought I’d list all of the ones I use regularly in one place. Each of these great resources include hundreds of MB videos, presentations, white papers, demo…


SharePoint Saturday Perth event

SharePoint Saturday has reached Australia recently with the efforts of Brian Farnhill and Ben Walters in both Melbourne and Sydney. Jeremy Thake from Perth SharePoint User Group thought it was about time it happened in Perth with the help of other volunteers. The event is provisionally announced for the 6th February 2010, awaiting confirmation from…


Developer training in Darwin in August

Got a note in may inbox over the weekend announcing some developer training happening in Darwin. I see Dave’s beaten me to it, but I’ll repeat here because I reckon it’s worthwhile encouraging these kinds of things especially in our more … regional … locations. There are four courses being run, some Microsoft Official Curriculum…


Lighting up your Apps with Windows 7 – User Group Sessions

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at the two Canberra .NET User Group meetings (I’ll be presenting the same session tomorrow night at the Sydney .NET User Group). My topic was an introduction to developing on Windows 7. We discussed the value of the platform and  I reiterated the benefits of leveraging the huge…


Launching a website from a button in Office

There was a question on one of the internal lists today: "Looking for a no-brainer way to demo just adding a simple button to Office that goes to a URL." It’s going to work a little differently in Word & Excel than it does in Outlook. Word/Excel/Etc (apps with Ribbon) For a Word/Excel addin, add…


WPF in a box(s)

We’ve got some sensational WPF training kits just in. There’s some great content in these 2-disk sets and we’re looking to get them out widely. Dave Glover’s organising a bunch of 1-day training sessions presented by the community. I’ll have a stack of them at Code Camp They’ll be available from your local User Group…


CodeCapmOz April 4-5 – Speakers, Sessions, Social

CodeCampOz is fast approaching – (4-5 April in Wagga Wagga). Mitch has announced the speakers and sessions, and talked about the important social aspects of CodeCamp, in addition to the obvious technical benefits. Looks like another great CodeCamp! What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!


Tim Sneath : Announcing Family.Show v3 – Our WPF Reference Application

Tim’s blogged about a cool WPF reference application released onto CodePlex by Microsoft and Vertigo. Family.Show 3 is a family tree program that allows you to quickly enter relationships, key dates and other information. Dave tells me it’s not perfect for that (it’s a reference app and has some limitations in its implementation of the…