Ramp yourself up with Ramp Up

I know, getting training budget is hard at the moment, but you really want to make yourself as employable as possible. Help is at hand (in fact, it’s only a mouse click away). There are, of course, a whole bunch of Virtual Labs you can do (for developers and for infrastructure people). There’s also a…


Finding the Windows dpi setting in .NET

I had a note from Stephen Lead (of Ignite Spatial fame) asking how to determine the dpi setting a user has selected in Windows. He pointed me to the only MSDN article he could find on the subject, ironically explaining how to do it in Visual FoxPro. I didn’t know off the top of my…


Developing an add-in for multiple versions of Office

One of the common questions I get asked when I do sessions on VSTO/OBA development is “how can I target Office 2003 and Office 2007?” (I also get asked about previous versions of Office, but I have a less helpful response there). Mary Lee’s done a great post about this very topic as has Andrew…


Still doing Office 2003 Development? We’ve got you covered.

While I love talking about the great developer experience in Office 2007 and VSTO v3, I acknowledge that there are plenty of developers who are constrained by their corporate SOE to targeting Office 2003. Even though we’ve been concentrating on the new stuff, we haven’t forgotten you. Erika Ehrli has a great map of Office…


DotNet-U: Great training you can take and give

We had the pleasure last week of hosting Doug Turnure, the Developer Evangelist from Atlanta, Georgia. Doug and I started at Microsoft around the same time (I think he pre-dates me by about 6 months) and we’ve corresponded a few times but this was the first time I’d met him in person. We had a…


New Visual Studio 2008 Virtual Labs

Back in June and July, I did a series of posts about the great Virtual Labs that are available for you to jump right into with no download and no configuration requirements. I posted about labs for: Business Intelligence Microsoft Search Solutions for the Enterprise Security SQL Server 2005 Upgrade VSTS2005 Soup to Nuts ASP.NET…


Free eLearning Courses Available Online

I’m on the way to Redmond (about an hour out from San Francisco) and clearing my backlog of “Blog This” from my email. This is a beaut! There are some great eLearning courses available for you to do free of charge including: Collection 5125: Introducing Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/offerDetail.aspx?offerPriceId=111910 Clinic 5091: Introduction to…


Visual Studio Extensibility CoDe Focus Magazine Online

I was chatting with Ken Levy a couple of weeks ago about what he’s up to now (he works for the Visual Studio Extensibility Team) and he pointed me at a great resource that he’s put together with the guys from CoDe Focus Magazine. VSX CoDe Focus magazine is now online at http://code-magazine.com/focus/vsx. Microsoft sponsored this…


More Great .NET 3.0 Training in Australia

I just got this note from Faith Rees about some exciting .NET 3.0 training being conducted by our partner, Readify. Contact them directly for more info. Juval Lowy’s Windows Communication Foundation MasterClass– Registrations close 21 September Juval Lowy is returning to Australia by popular demand to deliver his best-of-breed WCF Master Class from 15-19 October…


Generating OpenXML Documents on the Server

Via Doug. One of the great features of the New OpenXML file formats used by Office 2007 is their server-side programmability (creation, interrogation, updating etc). Erika Ehrli has a great post on Building Server-Side Document Generation Solutions. Check it out!