>L< Blogging!

Via Doug. I’ve been reading Lisa’s stuff since before she retired the whip (I’ve still got the notes from the conference I saw her speak at in, I think, 1993) and then her voluminous public output slowed to a trickle. Every once in a while another gem would appear and was as good as before but…


Wow, Now I’m MCPD!

Call me unusual, but I like doing the MS Certification exams. First, some history. My first exam was way back in 1999, when I participated in the beta program for the (then) new Visual FoxPro exams, 70-155 (Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft® Visual FoxPro® 6.0) and 70-156 (Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with…


.NET and Win32 Interop – New Toolkit Available

While I was prepping for some VFP sessions I delivered in Hong Kong last week, I pinged yag for some pointers from his DevCon keynote. In addition to a bunch of great info on Sedna and VFP 9.0 SP2, he pointed me at a really cool resource – the Microsoft Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0. This toolkit…


Slide decks from the Hong Kong Roadmap and Futures Event

I’ve just spent a couple of days in Hong Kong culminating in 3 presentations to VFP and VB6 developers about strategies for moving their applications forward to take advantage of the platform. The three decks are attached. I posted some of the sample code I presented in a previous post. In the afternoon I was…


WPF? Pah!

I’m sitting in Joseph Cooney’s (excellent) session on WPF at CodeCampOz, and it seems to me that the canonical demo of WPF is an animated button bouncing around a form. Of course, this is something VFP has been able to do for ever:************************************************** *– Form: form1 *– ParentClass: form *– BaseClass: form *– Time Stamp:…


ECMA Office Open XML Session at OzFox

[Update – Fixed link to presentation. Thanks yag] Last night I delivered my session at OzFox – Creating Office OpenXML Documents in VFP. Recently adopted as an ECMA standard, and currently undergoing the approval process for ISO adoption, the new Office Open XML document formats are the native format for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007….


OzFox 2007 Kicks off in Sydney

I’m sitting in the keynote of OzFox, Australia’s FoxPro Conference. Craig’s kicking things off and is about to introduce Rick Schummer and Doug Hennig. The keynote’s called “The Future of VFP”, and here are my raw notes from the session. The future of VFP Service Pack 2 Sedna VFPx Other CodePlex Projects Service Pack 2…


Using TFS from Visual FoxPro

Eric Lee, Product Manager for Team Foundation Server, has been in town for a couple of days after TechEd. Last night, he spoke at a special combined meeting of the Sydney VFP User Group and the Sydney .NET User Group. Eric give an introduction to Team Foundation Server, demonstrated the conversion process from Visual SourceSafe…


Managing SQL Server Express

I showed off integrating SQL Express with VFP at OzFox Lite last weekend, and as part of the presentation (515 KB), everyone got a copy of SQL Express (as well as all of the other Express products). I did mention it at the time, but a couple of people have asked me again. SQL Express doesn’t…


TFS MSSCCI Provider Update

Brian Harry’s posted an update about the availability of the next drop of the MSSCCI provider for TFS (should be some time in the week of April 3). This will allow you to use the TFS source control features from IDEs other than VS2005. The IDEs they’ve tested against so far are Visual Studio .NET 2003 Visual…