New TechTalkBlogs Editors

In my farewell post to the previous Editors of TechTalkBlogs, I dropped five hints about the next incumbents: There are three of them Two of them are not from ’round here, but the third definitely is. Community-minded doesn’t even begin to describe these three. I’m sure you can guess one – it’ll be a breeze! Think…


Calling All Geek Girls

Over at TechTalkBlogs, Bronwen has put out a call for all geek girls to contact her (now I’m going to have to update the stats in my so long and thanks for all the posts post).


*Tweet* – change editors!

It’s that time again, our current TechTalkBlogs editors Bronwen, Lorraine and Elaine have been going now for exactly 2 months and focused their posts generally on TechEd. I’m not so sure that Frank’s characterization of them is entirely accurate, but they definitely did a super job. Some posting stats from their time at the wheel:  …