TechEd Attendance Competition Winner

As part of the lead-up to this year’s TechEd in Sydney, I offered a prize to the person who could come the closest to guessing the final attendance number (without going over). I had a larger number of entries than I expected and the guesses ranged from 2612 at the low end up to 3273….


Find like-minded folk at Tech.Ed

One of the three key themes at Tech.Ed in Sydney this year is Connect (the other two are Learn and Explore). Connecting with like-minded people is a huge benefit at an event like this and you could set yourself up a complex contact management system, with lists of people and their interests and so on….


He’s Arrived! Andrew Parsons has Entered the Building

Long time community guy, author, gamer and geek Andrew Parsons has finally come onboard as our Academic Developer Evangelist, a role that’s been sorely missed since Tyson’s departure a few years back. What’s more, not only has he arrived, he’s already blogging. Drop by and leave him a welcome note, and make sure you say…


Demos Happen { Here } – State finals starting in Sydney tonight.

This evening (Monday 11 Aug) is the first of the Demos Happen { Here } state finals. We’ll be kicking off at 6pm at Microsoft HQ in North Ryde. Subsequently we’ll be holding finals in the MS offices in Canberra – Aug 12 6pm Melbourne – Aug 13 6:30pm Brisbane – Aug 18 6pm Adelaide…


TechEd Fever – Guess the number of paying attendees at TechEd Australia and Win!

Now for a bit of TechEd fun. Maybe I’ve been on too many aeroplanes recently (in fact, I know I’ve been on too many aeroplanes recently), but after chatting with Ben, I’ve come up with a little competition (open to folks living in Australia only). Guess how many people will be at TechEd Australia this…


VSTO/OBA Thought Leadership and Clarity from Craig Bailey

Craig’s been doing some great work around OBA and VSTO on his blog lately. As well as his recent presentation at SBTUG, he’s posted CLARITY: Office Business Applications (OBA) VSTO: VS2008 SP1 enhancements OBA: Office Business Applications resources VSTO: More on VS2008 SP1 enhancements; and VSTO: VBA and VSTO All I can say is Bravo…


VSTO v3 Deployment Session

I had a great time over the last couple of days hanging out with Christen Boyd and some of the other folk from the VSTO team here in Seattle. This culminated yesterday with a webcast of the session I’ll be doing here next week and then again at TechEd in Sydney. As promised, here are…


New Australian Windows Mobile Blog

Don Kerr and Rick Anderson are blogging now at It’s going to be a great source for news and tips about the Windows Mobile platform if the first couple of posts are anything to go by. Of course, the lads have already blogged about the TechEd mobile virtual track. Subscribed.


How do you become a "Successful Developer"?

Fin asked a few of us inside and outside Microsoft for tips in becoming a successful developer. I’m not sure that she expected the deluge (or verbosity) of responses – I think she only had about 300 words to fill in total – she asked 15 people so it turns out 20 words each was…


TechEd Technology Sneak Peek – tonight only

This evening at the Sydney .NET User Group, in addition to the great session that Nick Randolph will be doing as well as the Demo Comp demos, we’ll be testing some of the cool RFID technology that will be in use at TechEd. Come along and be part of the crowd. Tonight, June 18 at…