TechEd Australia Partner Workshop Opportunities

As part of TechEd in Melbourne and Sydney this year, we’re looking for expressions of interest from folks wanting to run training workshops around the event. What we’ve got in mind is that organisations run half-, one-, or two-day workshops in the same city as the event, starting the day following TechEd. So in Melbourne…


TechEd Australia Call for Topics Coming Soon (but don’t wait)

UPDATE 2014-07-29 – Official call for topics is now live: By now, I’m sure you know that TechEd Australia is a different format this year. We’re running essentially the same show twice in October – in Melbourne on October 7th & 8th, and in Sydney on October 27th & 28th. Being only 2 days,…


Talking LightSwitch Shop with Richard

While I was at TechEd last month, I sat down (twice) with Richard Banks and recorded an episode of Talking Shop Down Under about LightSwitch. Richard’s been hoarding his TechEd recordings and releasing them slowly. This one came out today. Check it out.


TechEd 2011 Video Encoding Process and Status Update

Update (12 Sep) All of the session videos are now up and the high-quality video files are linked to the thession pages – Step 11 is COMPLETE The encoding process is proceeding apace and last I looked, there are 10 sessions to complete encoding – Step 12 is 93% I now need to a final…


Visual Studio LightSwitch GDR for SQL Azure

While we were at TechEd (talking, by the way, about Visual Studio LightSwitch, twice), the LightSwitch team released a GDR (General Distribution Release, aka update) to “resolve an issue encountered when publishing to SQL Azure” “This is due to a recent SQL Azure server upgrade which caused the version incompatibility”


TechEd Australia Session Recordings and Decks

Update 4 Sep 2011 – The videos and slides are beginning to appear on the Channel 9 TechEd Australia 2011 Site. Once again we’ve captured all of the main track sessions from TechEd Australia this year. We grabbed whatever video went to the screen and whatever audio went to the speakers. This means we’ve got…


TechEd Australia LightSwitch Decks and Resources

My TechEd Australia sessions proved to be pretty popular and I had a great time catching up with people afterwards. The number 1 resource you need for LightSwitch is Here are the decks: Introduction to Visual Studio LightSwitch DEV201 Advanced Solutions with Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ DEV213


LightSwitch Decks from TechEd NZ

I presented two sessions at TechEd NZ last week and I’ve attached the decks here for anyone who’s interested. Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch DEV203 Visual Studio LightSwitch Beyond the Basics DEV308


TechEd Australia URL Lists for downloading Videos and PowerPoint Decks

Update 2 – 21 Sep 2010 I’ve removed the lo-res wmv links because so few of them (<5) actually had videos behind them. Use the MP4 links for lo-res and WMV-High for hi-res. Update 21 Sep 2010  There are now also MP4 files available. These are lower resolution than the HQ-WMV files, and therefore only…


Australian Tech.Ed Locknote Factoids

This year at TechEd Australia (aka #auteched) the locknote was delivered by Miha Kralj, Director in the office of the CTO. The session was entitled "How IT is changing us and our future" and was delivered using a very cool style called PechaKucha – 20 slides, each on the screen for 20 seconds. Miha actually…