Counting the number of sections in an OpenXML Document

1/4/11 – Updated a couple of images and some of the code explanation Adam Cogan asked me a question the other day that asked (among other things) "How do you know if a doc has multiple sections?" In Word, of course, you can break a document up into sections by inserting a section  break from…


Lego Mindstorms NXT2.0 – TrophyBot

For some time now, I’ve coveted the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robotics kit. It’s a great teaching toy tool and not only can you program it with the excellent and intuitive Lego IDE (from LabView), but you can also use Microsoft Robotics Studio and .NET. With that justification, just before Christmas I ordered one from…


CodeCapmOz April 4-5 – Speakers, Sessions, Social

CodeCampOz is fast approaching – (4-5 April in Wagga Wagga). Mitch has announced the speakers and sessions, and talked about the important social aspects of CodeCamp, in addition to the obvious technical benefits. Looks like another great CodeCamp! What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!


Tim Sneath : Announcing Family.Show v3 – Our WPF Reference Application

Tim’s blogged about a cool WPF reference application released onto CodePlex by Microsoft and Vertigo. Family.Show 3 is a family tree program that allows you to quickly enter relationships, key dates and other information. Dave tells me it’s not perfect for that (it’s a reference app and has some limitations in its implementation of the…


Ramp yourself up with Ramp Up

I know, getting training budget is hard at the moment, but you really want to make yourself as employable as possible. Help is at hand (in fact, it’s only a mouse click away). There are, of course, a whole bunch of Virtual Labs you can do (for developers and for infrastructure people). There’s also a…


Virtual Goodness with the Linked .NET User Group this Thursday

As if it wasn’t enough to organise physical User Groups in Perth, Brian Madsen has been helping to organise a .NET User Group on LinkedIn. This month the irrepressible Zain Naboulsi is presenting on Deepen your Debugging: Tips and Tricks for the Visual Studio 2008 Debugger. This session is on at an Australian-Friendly time, this…


Finding the Windows dpi setting in .NET

I had a note from Stephen Lead (of Ignite Spatial fame) asking how to determine the dpi setting a user has selected in Windows. He pointed me to the only MSDN article he could find on the subject, ironically explaining how to do it in Visual FoxPro. I didn’t know off the top of my…


Content when you need it – Great training kits available

I went to see the clever folk at Vivid Group yesterday. Being clever, they’ve already established an internal user group of sorts, but they’re often looking for compelling content to deliver. Fortunately, I was able to point them to some great resources. The various Visual Studio Training Kits provide content in the form of presentations,…


Times Reader SDK Released

Yeah, I know I’m about 3 months late with this, but I’m coming out of the tunnel (between here and here). Frank blogged it (of course) as did Tim Sneath (and probably 100s of others). I’ve been using the New York Times reader as a great example of a smart client, of the power of…