LightSwitch Star Contest – Win an ASUS Laptop

The folks over at The Code Project have launched a cool contest so you can show off your LightSwitch skills and win prizes in the process. From their release: Do you have what it takes to be a LightSwitch Star? Show us your coolest, most productive, LightSwitch business application and you could win a Laptop…


LightSwitch Beta 2 Download and Training Kit

I’ve been excited by LightSwitch since I first saw it more than 18 months ago and the recent release of the Beta 2 version and the updated Training Kit has just got me more excited. The Training Kit includes the following content: LightSwitch Overview Demo: Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch Hands-on-lab: Simple Book Store Application Hands-on-lab:…


NXT2.0 Robot – The Journey Continues

In my previous post, I talked about getting a new Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 robotics kit and about building TrophyBot to carry around a Lego trophy Catherine Eibner won for being an awesome evangelist. In this post, as promised, I’ll talk about how I programmed the robot to move around, shouting "HORRAY!" whenever it bumped…


Test Post from Word 2010

I’ve not posted from Word 2010 before (I prefer Live Writer), but I had a question from a colleague as to how to set it up. If this appears, it looks like I managed.


Lego Mindstorms NXT2.0 – TrophyBot

For some time now, I’ve coveted the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robotics kit. It’s a great teaching toy tool and not only can you program it with the excellent and intuitive Lego IDE (from LabView), but you can also use Microsoft Robotics Studio and .NET. With that justification, just before Christmas I ordered one from…


Turning off Proofing and Autocorrect in Word 2007

This is the second time this question has come up in the last week or so, so I thought I’d answer it here. Sometimes, you want to turn off proofing (spelling and grammar checking) and autocorrect in Word, either globally or for some parts of your document (for me, that’s often in code blocks). The…


TechEd Sessions Posted and some useless Stats

Sessions Posted The first pass of the sessions at have been posted and if you’re a delegate you can login and vote for your favourite sessions (to help us with timetabling and room allocation). Your votes will be automatically migrated to your agenda when we finalise the time and room stuff. If you’re not yet…


Windows 7 on my Mac Mini

Back in the day, Dave and I bought (intel) Mac Minis (there was a retail outlet which had apparently decided to stop selling them and they were going pretty cheap). It’s been my main Vista machine at home for 18 months or so now (running bootcamp), I never boot into OSX, the machine was a…


New CTP for Live Writer – now with hooks for pre and post-publish

Via Keith Combs I love Live Writer, I especially love the extensiblility hooks. However, up until now, the SDK hasn’t allowed you to take action before or after publishing a post. I wanted to write an auto-twitter plugin to notify people who follow my twitter feed that I’d posted something new on my blog. Well,…


TechEd Day 1 – Developers, Developers, D-d-d-d-d-developers

This is as close as I got to BalmerBot at the TechEd keynote on Day 1. I enjoyed, but wasn’t blown away by the content. I’m not sure whether this is indicative of the way we generally have access to most information before a conference or event or whether being inside the organisation, the stuff…