New Aussie Community Blogger

Jake Ginnivan’s been hassling me on and off with difficult VSTO questions for the last year or so. It looks like Jeremy Thake’s finally persuaded him to start blogging. He’s kicked off with the first post in a 2-part series Writing a Facebook event synchroniser for Outlook 2007+ Part 1 Looks good so far. Subscribed.


Tim Sneath : Announcing Family.Show v3 – Our WPF Reference Application

Tim’s blogged about a cool WPF reference application released onto CodePlex by Microsoft and Vertigo. Family.Show 3 is a family tree program that allows you to quickly enter relationships, key dates and other information. Dave tells me it’s not perfect for that (it’s a reference app and has some limitations in its implementation of the…


VSTO/OBA Thought Leadership and Clarity from Craig Bailey

Craig’s been doing some great work around OBA and VSTO on his blog lately. As well as his recent presentation at SBTUG, he’s posted CLARITY: Office Business Applications (OBA) VSTO: VS2008 SP1 enhancements OBA: Office Business Applications resources VSTO: More on VS2008 SP1 enhancements; and VSTO: VBA and VSTO All I can say is Bravo…


VSTO v3 Deployment Session

I had a great time over the last couple of days hanging out with Christen Boyd and some of the other folk from the VSTO team here in Seattle. This culminated yesterday with a webcast of the session I’ll be doing here next week and then again at TechEd in Sydney. As promised, here are…


Content when you need it – Great training kits available

I went to see the clever folk at Vivid Group yesterday. Being clever, they’ve already established an internal user group of sorts, but they’re often looking for compelling content to deliver. Fortunately, I was able to point them to some great resources. The various Visual Studio Training Kits provide content in the form of presentations,…


Developer Tools Roadmap – Premier Account Briefing

Update – Trouble seems to be publishing to FTP sites through my new ISA server at home. Presentation download links below. Yesterday, when I delivered back-to-back Premier Account briefings to around 120 folks, I promised that I’d post the presentation deck here today. The deck is here in PowerPoint 2007 pptx (10MB), ppt (PowerPoint 2003),…


Great VSTO Resources

Following my TechEd session in Auckland, and in anticipation of my TechEd session in Sydney. All via Paul Stubbs – in particular his DEV303 post from TechEd Boston: PSS VSTO 2005 Client Troubleshooter Download this brand new tool to make it simple to diagnose and remediate issues arising from missing or misconfigured prequisites on VSTO 2005…


Bootstrapper Manifest Generator RTM Version Released

Co-incident with the official launch of Visual Studio 2005, Bootstraper Manifest Generator is also released and can be installed from the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator Home Page.  (It is ClickOnce deployed from an internet website)   Bootstrapper Manifest Generator is a set of tools for creating custom bootstrapper packages used with Visual Studio 2005 and for…


New MSDN Article – Configuring ClickOnce Trusted Publishers

One of the neat things ClickOnce allows you to do is deploy a ticket with the app that gives it more CAS permissions that would otherwise be the case based on the source of the download. This article gives a bunch of info about how to actually do it. ClickOnce security allows you to take…