Talking LightSwitch Shop with Richard

While I was at TechEd last month, I sat down (twice) with Richard Banks and recorded an episode of Talking Shop Down Under about LightSwitch. Richard’s been hoarding his TechEd recordings and releasing them slowly. This one came out today. Check it out.

TechEd 2011 Video Encoding Process and Status Update

Update (12 Sep) All of the session videos are now up and the high-quality video files are linked to the thession pages – Step 11 is COMPLETE The encoding process is proceeding apace and last I looked, there are 10 sessions to complete encoding – Step 12 is 93% I now need to a final…

Visual Studio LightSwitch GDR for SQL Azure

While we were at TechEd (talking, by the way, about Visual Studio LightSwitch, twice), the LightSwitch team released a GDR (General Distribution Release, aka update) to “resolve an issue encountered when publishing to SQL Azure” “This is due to a recent SQL Azure server upgrade which caused the version incompatibility”