CRUD with the Microsoft Graph

One of the things I talked about today in my Deep Dive into the Microsoft Graph API webcast was the little-known fact that the Microsoft Graph API has full CRUD support. Here’s a sample of that capability: The URLs in the video are: – [UPDATE – now] – [Update –…


Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – Sydney 28/29 April

I’ve been/will be speaking at the MS Cloud Roadshow in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul. This is an excellent two-day free technical training event for IT professionals and developers that provides best practices and insight directly from the experts who build and run the cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10 and…


Publish a static web site using Azure Web Apps

On the OzDotNet mailing list today, someone asked how to configure a static web site to be served from Azure Blob Storage, to which I replied “why wouldn’t you use a web app for that?” Here are the steps for publishing some web static web content using Visual Studio 2015 (I’m using Enterprise edition, but…


Office Developer Webinar Series

I’m delivering a series of Office Developer webinars over the next 10 weeks The Microsoft Office platform is a developer’s secret weapon and, according to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s “most strategic developer surface area”. You should build solutions and add-ins that take advantage of the immense reach and power of the Office clients and Office…


Free Office365 Developer Training in October

I’m flitting around the country delivering free Office365 Developer training in October. At this DevCamp, you will learn the concepts of the new Office 365 API model and go deep into building out an end-to-end example on the Office 365 environment. Microsoft Office 365 DevCamps are free and fun events for developers, by developers. You…


How cool is Azure Continuous Deployment‽

I’ve been trying to learn Angular this week (see I started with (which, in turn, uses And then I tried writing some of my own stuff – ending up with a page that allows you to look up the current weather in any of 20,000 cities around the world. Great intro to…


TechEd Australia Partner Workshop Opportunities

As part of TechEd in Melbourne and Sydney this year, we’re looking for expressions of interest from folks wanting to run training workshops around the event. What we’ve got in mind is that organisations run half-, one-, or two-day workshops in the same city as the event, starting the day following TechEd. So in Melbourne…


TechEd Australia Call for Topics Coming Soon (but don’t wait)

UPDATE 2014-07-29 – Official call for topics is now live: By now, I’m sure you know that TechEd Australia is a different format this year. We’re running essentially the same show twice in October – in Melbourne on October 7th & 8th, and in Sydney on October 27th & 28th. Being only 2 days,…


1000+ Unity Apps on Windows and Windows Phone

Another post on the Windows Phone blog from a couple of weeks ago talking about the uptake of Unity as a development platform on both Windows and Windows Phone. And a good video introducing Unity development for Windows Phone.


Options for publishing Windows Phone beta apps and testing in-app purchase

A nice post on the Windows Phone blog this week on options for testing Windows Phone apps with a discussion of the stages of testing from running in the emulator through the store test kit and into beta testing.