More useful Windows Phone 8 Resources

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Available for Download

The Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available for download from the Windows Phone Developer site. Grab it today to start developing for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5. There’s also a great MSDN article – What’s new in Windows Phone SDK 8.0

Learn Azure and Save a Life

Folding@Home is a Stanford University research project into Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and many forms of cancer. Essentially it’s a distributed computing project (it probably could be classified as a useful SETI) where small units of work are farmed out to available computing resources. This kind of problem is one that’s ideally suited to Windows Azure (and…

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Updated

The June 2012 update of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit is now available for download. From the download page: The June 2012 update of the Windows Azure Training Kit includes over 42 hands-on labs and 18 presentations. Some of the updates in this version include: 12 new hands-on labs for Windows Azure Virtual Machines…

Windows Azure – When do I use What?

At this week’s Azure Dev Camp in Sydney, I showed a slide with suggestions as to when you’d use Windows Azure Web Sites, when you’d use Windows Azure Cloud Services, and when you’d use Windows Azure Virtual Machines. I pinched the slide from Yochay Kiriaty and Craig Kitterman’s TechEd US Session “Windows Azure Websites: Under…

Cool Azure InfoGraphic

The Azure marketing folk here in Australia have produced this cool infographic talking about how the cloud is changing the job market and how to take advantage of the opportunities the cloud provides with Windows Azure. Check out the graphic below, and sign up for a trial of Windows Azure. Of course, if you want…

Excellent Windows Azure Intro Videos

I just stumbled across some excellent introductory videos which Steve Marx did while he was at Microsoft. They provide a short explanation behind some of the Azure concepts including: What is Windows Azure? What is SQL Azure? What are the Access Control and Service Bus? What is the Windows Azure Platform? Check them out.