More Podcasting – this time for Office Developers

I recently joined Richard diZerega as the co-host of the Office Developer Podcast. It’s been an interesting time getting things set up. For a start, Richard’s based in Texas, I’m in Sydney and our guest (if we have one) is somewhere else. Finding a mutually convenient time is an issue.

Next, recording remotely is a hassle too. Audio quality is a big issue if you’re trying to do things over Skype or some other VOIP connection, and connecting a real telephone to the computer to record is also non-trivial. We use Zencastr, a web-based service that allows any number of people to connect to the service and sets up a VOIP link for all of you. You then just chat away. The cool bit is that the audio is recorded locally (so no VOIP artefacts) and each participant’s file (as MP3 and, optionally, WAV) is uploaded to the organiser’s Dropbox after the recording. There’s also an option to do some standard post-production work on the files automatically. Very Cool.

I’ve done 3 episodes so far – have a listen and let me know what you think.

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