CRUD with the Microsoft Graph

One of the things I talked about today in my Deep Dive into the Microsoft Graph API webcast was the little-known fact that the Microsoft Graph API has full CRUD support. Here's a sample of that capability:

The URLs in the video are: – [UPDATE – now] – [Update – now]

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  1. Ray Fleming says:

    Wow – this is amazing. I knew this was possible, but you made it all looks so easy to understand. I can’t wait to see what people will do with this in education, where there’s millions of Office 365 users. Today students get really frustrated having to go into their LMS system (blackboard, moodle) to see their assignments calendars, and download assignments, and these APIs would allow you to simply setup direct integration into a users calendar on their phone\PC etc.

  2. Chau Nguyen says:

    Nice video.

    Is there any typescript library that has the classes and client api proxy to call the graph api? advice? I mainly want to call with Angular 2.
    How would we get any realtime updates, like getting notified about the calendar or discussion/chat/message updates? thx

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