How cool is Azure Continuous Deployment‽

I’ve been trying to learn Angular this week (see

I started with (which, in turn, uses

And then I tried writing some of my own stuff – ending up with a page that allows you to look up the current weather in any of 20,000 cities around the world.

Great intro to a bunch of the tools and tech I haven’t used much and I’m really trying hard not to throw up my hands and go back to the nice, safe, easy, understandable smart client way of doing things (and don’t get me started on debugging JavaScript). npm is pretty cool, I’ve only scratched the surface with bower, bootstrap is pretty neat and angular itself is kind of fun to work with in a weird, masochistic kind of way.

Along the way though, I remembered that Azure has continuous deployment from a number of sources, including github (and VSO and a couple of others), so now every time I push to the repo, it gets deployed automatically to

Very cool.

BTW, (Did you spot the interrobang?)

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