1000+ Unity Apps on Windows and Windows Phone

Another post on the Windows Phone blog from a couple of weeks ago talking about the uptake of Unity as a development platform on both Windows and Windows Phone. http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2013/11/18/1000-unity-apps-across-windows-store-and-windows-phone.aspx And a good video introducing Unity development for Windows Phone. https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Inside+Windows+Phone/IWP50-Introducing-Unity-for-Windows-Phone-Devleopment

Options for publishing Windows Phone beta apps and testing in-app purchase

A nice post on the Windows Phone blog this week on options for testing Windows Phone apps with a discussion of the stages of testing from running in the emulator through the store test kit and into beta testing. http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2013/11/27/options-for-publishing-windows-phone-beta-apps-and-testing-in-app-purchase.aspx

Sydney Opera House Hackathon Dec 7-8

The iconic Sydney Opera House are running a Hackathon in Sydney over the weekend of Dec 7-8. With a first prize of $4000, this might just be a great way to spend a weekend. They’re making a heap of great data sets available including archival recordings and a huge 3-D spatial data set with a…

YOW! Conferences in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

Starting next week, YOW! conferences are running in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Featuring a great line up of speakers and content, YOW! provides an industry perspective on development, design and architecture. If you can’t get to the entire conference there’s an option to just attend the evening keynote session. In addition to the conference sessions…