Resources for Office and SharePoint Developers from my #APC2010 Session

Last week at the Australian Partner Conference, I presented a session on "New opportunities - developing with Office 2010 and SharePoint". Due partly to the target audience and partly to time constraints, I mentioned resources rather than delving into them deeply. I promised in the session that I'd post my resources links here.

Note that you'll soon be able to download the deck as well from the APC website.

Visual Studio 2010/.Net Framework 4 Training Kit

Lots of other Training Kits


SharePoint 2010: Developer Platform White Paper by David Chappell

Guidance for developing applications for SharePoint 2010

Andrew’s Blog

Platform Video

Document Creation and Conversion with the OpenXML SDK and SharePoint 2010 Word Automation Services – Part 1

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    Hey Coates,

    Was waiting for this post, thanks for getting it up so soon.


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